Avio Authorized Fitting kit
Avio Authorized Fitting kit

Avio Authorized Fitting kit

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*Not required for Factory Fit Service*

This is the mandatory kit needed to fit the Retro version of PowerSense Types A and B available from 3rd party retailers

It contains everything you need in order to fit PowerSense Types A and B.

  • 1 packet of Avio epoxy adhesive and mixing stick
  • 1 pair of Nitrile gloves (medium)
  • 4 packets of alcohol wipes
  • 5 cotton swabs
  • 1 square of sandpaper
  • 1 square of oxide remover
  • 1 weight hanging cable
  • 1 10-litre water carrier

If the Retro-fit version of Powersense is fitted with anything other than this kit - the warranty will be invalid.

The PowerSense power meter is not included with this kit and must be purchased separately.

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Our Factory Fit Service is the unique offering which, allows us to pass as much savings onto our customers as possible and also make sure that your meter is there to last.

Simply send us your crank (no hidden fees), and as soon as we receive it our experts will begin the work to fit the PowerMeter.

Once it is ready, you will be notified, and your crank will be back with you in no time.


Vision For Precision

Why choose powersense?

| How? |

You already have a crank, why buy another one?

We'll factory fit your own crank and turn in into the power meter you deserve - industry power meter standards at the fraction of a price.

| Why? |

All other manufacturers sell you a bit of kit you already have with the tech attached, meaning you have to pay for stuff you already have plus an inflated price for the electronics - at Avio we give you the electronics at an industry leading price and use your current kit - the perfect WIN-WIN

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