| Why PowerSense |

Everything you need to know about our revolutionary power meter.

A power meter is an electronic device on your bike that tells you how much power you’re generating – expressed as watts (like a light bulb)

Building on from training with heartrate a Power Meter addresses its downfalls by providing an immediate readout of your performance – 90% of Tour de France riders use them because they’re the gold standard of training.

 Everybody can benefit but are historically very expensive – we’re not – we’re the world’s most affordable power meter.

A compatible left-hand bicycle crank – in the product selection you’ll need to select the crank you have that’s on our list of compatibility. PowerSense connects over an ANT+ connection and you’ll need an ANT+ device to get your readout – Garmin etc.

| Using PowerSense |

Everything you need to know  so you can use PowerSense to its' fullest potential.

Get your crank back on your bike in the reverse of how you took it off. Pop a battery in the battery cover and put the cover on making sure the washer is in its place.

TAP to wake – you’ll get flashing lights. Then search and connect to PowerSense on your ANT+ compatible head unit and Zero offset at the 6 o’clock position with nothing on the pedal – you’ll get back a number of 200 and you’re good to ride!

View our quickstart guide here

| Factory Fit Service |

Most common questions about FFS (Factory Fit Service).

View our list of compatible cranks here

You can install PowerSense yourself. You will need to purchase a retro-fit unit from a 3rd party retailer and fit it only with the Avio Authorized Fitting kit - nothing else will work.

The Factory Fit process is usually around 7 days – although we update if it’s going to be longer.

JUST the left cranks with the two pinch bolts still in place but keep hold of the plastic ‘flowery’ Preload cap – we don’t need that.

Wipe your crank off to give it a good clean and get it in the post.

You only pay to send it to us. The only reason we can not cover that postage fee, as we can not be responsible for your item before we actually receive it. We let you decide what courier you trust to handle your crank, before it gets to us.

| What have I seen offered from other retailers? |

What are the Type A and Type B units?

PowerSense comes in 2 forms - the Factory Fit Service build directly from us - and the Retro Fit self install models Type A and Type B.

The Type A and B must be fitted by you or an Authorized Avio Dealer with an Authorised Fitting kit to ensure the warranty is protected and must be fitted in accordance with our fitting procedure, found on our YouTube channel. This includes to calibration that happens 24 hours after.