Alright, Avio-ers? We understand that some people may need to be made CLEAR on the CLEARANCE. Get it? So we’ve made a couple of images for everyone to take a gander at.
As you may or may not know, we recently ran a promotion on Facebook (you missed the boat, we sold out!). If you don’t like the page already, click here (You’re welcome 😉 ). A few great people queried the clearance for PowerSense.


Just for clarity, PowerSense is roughly 93mm long and 9mm in height. From the crank toward the chainstay, PowerSense power meter is approx 10mm, so you’ll probably need 10-11mm in clearance.



We know this is only a short update, but hopefully very informative. If not, just give us a shout and we’ll be more than happy to clear anything up for you.

 You can also message us on our live chat, or over on Facebook for a live response time. (We have discounts on there sometimes!)

‘Til next time…