Black Friday Deal  - PowerSense Factory Fit Service
Black Friday Deal  - PowerSense Factory Fit Service

Black Friday Deal - PowerSense Factory Fit Service

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As a gesture of thanks for the patience of those on our stock waiting list, we're releasing to you the pre-order for your unit and it's respective place in our build diary along with a discount.

Purchasing this will save a position in the build diary here at the production facility as well as the respective unit that will be fitted to your crank when it's ready - you will be able to send your crank to us now if you're happy to wait up to 6 weeks or send when we announce the in-stock status knowing your unit is saved.

Please keep this link to yourselves as it ensures the riders on the list we have kept up to date can all get a place for the incoming stock of PowerSense Factory Fit

Run your eyes over the compatibility list again to ensure your crank is ready to have PowerSense fitted.

  • We advise using tracked shipping methods when posting your crank to us.
  • We use tracked express courier shipping method, to make sure your items reach you quickly and safely.
  • To get familiar with our returns & refund policy please click here.

Our Factory Fit Service is the unique offering which, allows us to pass as much savings onto our customers as possible and also make sure that your meter is there to last.

Simply send us your crank (no hidden fees), and as soon as we receive it our experts will begin the work to fit the PowerMeter.

Once it is ready, you will be notified, and your crank will be back with you in no time.